If you watched the TV shows “Smallville” or “Wilfred”, there’s a good chance you know who Allison Mack is. Once a rising star in the acting business, Mack came under fire when she joined a group called NXIVM. It was there that she became involved with founders Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman.

Mack became a leader of the group that was said by many to be a cult. She had recruited many women to the organization, and was charged with human trafficking and other charges. Mack made her home in Albany, but that home is no longer under her name. The house that Mack owned in Albany is estimated to be worth nearly a quarter million dollars, but she had to give it up to the federal government following charges of racketeering.

It’s said that at the property that resides on Generals Way, Mack would brand women who joined her organization. It was built in the 1980s and features three bedrooms, and some of those that had lived in the home with Mack called it horrific. Because of the seizure by the federal government of the home, it now goes up for sale to the public. Since there are many in the area that know the story about Mack’s organization, it’s not expected to be a hot seller.