If you’ve been through the Cardinal Court neighborhood in Albany, you’ve probably noticed a burnt building that was still standing. Many in the city have called the building an eyesore. Now, the building will be removed with demolition teams taking it down.

Advanced Donald Landscaping Services is the team in charge of removing the Broad Avenue building. The owner, Eric Donald, has been in charge of dozens of projects recently in which abandoned or damaged buildings are being removed. “I’ve been working with the city for 12 years,” Donald said. “I’ve had this business for 15 years. I learned what I know from my dad.”

It shouldn’t take long at all for the building to be removed, either. Donald estimates that it should take less than two weeks from start to finish. Jon Howard, the Albany City Commissioner, is happy to see the building go down. “This area became a haven for drug dealers, prostitutes and gangs,” he said.

“The residents of east Albany have had to live with this eyesore for 30 something years. Watching it come down…I’m like a child with a new toy. What I hope to see moving forward is a continued domino effect,” he added. “I think what you’re going to see with this commission is more of this kind of action in the coming months. There are more than 100 properties on our demolition list, and I hope we’re able to get all of them down.”