On Pearl Street in downtown Albany, you’re likely familiar with the Kenmore Hotel. The historical landmark has been a staple of Albany, but hasn’t seen much use. Now, the Kenmore is getting a facelift and will be used for events, with a focus on holding weddings.

“It’s so historic but so brand new and we love the marrying of those two elements,” said Kenmore Ballroom owner Katie O’Malley Maloney. “So there was a hotel with a ballroom attached. The ballroom that we have now was originally called The Rain Bo Room where they brought in acts like cab Calloway, Frank Sinatra and they did performances and live music and it was the hotbed of entertainment in downtown Albany.”

O’Malley Maloney has experience with weddings since she’s a planner, while her husband Nate is also working with developers. “We want to bring in celebrations of love or life whether it be for business or pleasure or family,” she added. “We want to make this the premier classically modern venue for clients and people that want to celebrate.”

“We look forward to welcoming people into this venue that are amazed by its beauty and its story and its history and want to start their own story here.”