It can be a scary situation when you’re involved in a car accident. You typically don’t think of pulling out your phone at first, though, unless it’s to call for emergency services. Most people also wouldn’t think to record themselves.

One man in Albany, Jelani Reyes-Craig, did just that. After his car had been crushed underneath a trailer, firefighters were called to the scene. While he was waiting to get out, Reyes-Craig started the recording.

“Firefighters trying to get me out,” he said in the video. “He told me I need you to stay calm. I’m crushed under something in the car on 787.” At the time, he was video calling his girlfriend. Reyes-Craig maintained his composure throughout the rescue. “I remember hearing someone scream, ‘Don’t go under the truck,’ and these two gentlemen didn’t care, they went (and) grabbed the jaws of life and came under the truck to come get me,” he said. Miraculously, Reyes-Craig only suffered very minor injuries.