Albany Leading the Charge on Nanotech Research

In every millimeter, there are one million nanometers, and the discipline of nanotechnology is concerned with components so small that they’re measured on this scale. Albany is an integral player in New York State’s Tech Valley, and SUNY’s College of Nanoscale Sciences and Engineering has grown into a veritable global leader in nanotechnology research with Dr. Alain Kaloyeros at the helm of several projects and facilities.

However, Kaloyeros has fallen from grace and been relieved of his duties as president of SUNY Poly: a 2018 report (written by Charles Wessner and Thomas Howell) suggests that up to 600 jobs have been lost since he was charged with (and eventually convicted of) wire fraud and bid-rigging in 2016. Before Kaloyeros succumbed to corruption as a result of unchecked power, he was the driving force behind the school’s rapid growth and, by extension, nanotech research in upstate New York; he pioneered the several state research clusters operating throughout New York.

Back in 2012, Mitt Romney praised Albany’s nanotech scene as “vital to the economy and to our nation’s competitiveness,” and, even in Kaloyeros’s absence, the sector thrives. Today, SUNY Poly’s NanoTech Complex in Albany is a 1.65 million square-foot hotbed of innovation. Developments in nanotechnology lead to innovations in various scientific fields, including (but by no means limited to) sunscreen, bullet-proof vests, golf balls and memory chips.