Albany Becomes Target For Ransomware Attacks

Millions of people become targets for hackers every year, but one of the worst forms of hacking that someone can experience is ransomware. This is when you can’t access any of your data because a hacker is holding all of it for ransom, wanting money in return. This has affected a lot of people over the past 30 years, and Albany has become a target.

The Albany Police Department found themselves the victims of ransomware as they weren’t able to access anything on the internet. “We were crippled, essentially, for a whole day,” Gregory McGee of the department said. “All of our incident reports, all of our crime reports, that’s all digitized.

With that, everything had to be written with pen and paper as they tried to find the source of the ransomware. It took multiple days for everything to return to normal, but the Albany Police were back to doing things the way they were used to doing. While it did change their operations temporarily, they never shut down fully.

The incident was reported as being “disappointing and a bit frustrating, but in the scheme of things, not horrible.” Now, the department is warning people about the dangers of ransomware, as those that often issue the viruses are never found. “The heightened sense of panic and scrambling may lead to defenders being more willing to pay out higher costs for the decryption keys, as well,” they said.