You never want to hear the news that your child is fighting for their life. Unfortunately for one Albany woman, that’s the news she received earlier in the week. April Harden’s son Sean has suffered from sickle cell anemia, and it seemed that he had been having complications from the illness. It turns out, however, that he had contracted a serious infection.

Sean Harden was admitted to the Albany Medical Center and finds himself in the intensive care unit. It was a diagnosis of sepsis that the Hardens hadn’t expected, which can be fatal. “I just want to hear that my son is going to make it,” April Harden said.

The story is similar to that of another local who contracted sepsis, as well. A firefighter, Josh Woodward, was given just a five percent chance to live after his diagnosis but pulled through. “I do believe in miracles,” April said. “I witnessed one with the Woodward family; we all did. I just need people to be praying. Praying, praying, praying.”