Albany Firefighter Walks Again After Illness

Firefighters are some of the bravest people that you’ll see in the world. They’re willing to go head-on into dangerous situations and risk their lives to save others. That’s why when a firefighter is facing struggles, a lot of people are ready and willing to help return the favor.

Josh Woodward is an Albany firefighter that worked at the airport, and became ill from sepsis that almost cost him his life. Sepsis is a condition that occurs when the body is battling an infection, and in many cases can be deadly. Woodward was given just a five percent chance to live after the diagnosis, and many in Albany rallied around him with nearly 100,000 people following his battle on social media.

Woodward had to undergo many surgeries in the hospital, which included having his right hand and all of his toes amputated. The illness also confined Woodward to a wheelchair, and doctors told him it was unlikely that he’d walk again. Even though he’s strong, Woodward took those words to heart.

“While he wanted to believe he would walk again, every passing day in the chair Josh started to believe (he would walk) less and less,” his wife Chelsea said. Finally getting the go ahead from doctors, Woodward got out of his chair and started to take steps for the first time in months. “But getting up today, knowing it’s only going to get easier, get better, gave him a huge boost of confidence.”