Not many people knew about Sean Spicer when he was the Communications Director of the Republican National Committee before he became the White House Press Secretary under President Donald Trump. Spicer’s unique approach to handling the press was met with a lot of criticism and parody, including an Emmy Award winning impersonation on “Saturday Night Live” by actress Melissa McCarthy.

Spicer resigned from his position just seven months after starting his job in the White House, and now he’s speaking out about his brief time of being in the national spotlight. In an interview with “Good Morning America”, Spicer was asked if he ever knowingly lied to the American public while on the job. “I don’t think so,” he said. The reporter pressed on, asking Spicer if “Unequivocally you can say no?”

“Look, again, you want to find something. I have not knowingly done anything to do that, no,” Spicer reiterated. About his overall time in the White House, Spicer said that he “made mistakes,” though he wouldn’t issue a “blanket apology” to the media and American people. “I made mistakes. There’s no question. I think we all do,” he said.

“There are things that I did during my time there that…I needed to go out and correct,” he said. “I did that. Where there were mistakes that were made that I got something wrong, I think I’ve owned that…I know that there are some folks that, no matter what we say or do…some folks in the media that wanted…thank that, you know, everything we did was wrong.”

Spicer felt that while he was the White House Press Secretary that he was constantly under attack from critics. “The personal attacks, questioning my integrity…you know, what my intentions were, I think, were really over the top.” Some networks have even said that they don’t Spicer to be a contributor or analyst since he has “credibility problems,” leaving his career in a bit of a limbo.

Some believe that Spicer is trying to improve his image to get his career on track, and has been granting more interviews lately after going head-to-head with the press countless times during his time in the White House. Spicer said that about making mistakes that there were “Some of them I’ve tried to own, very publicly. In some cases, there were things that I did that, until somebody brought it up, I said, ‘Gosh, I didn’t realize that was a mistake. I’m sorry about that.’”

One of the more famous mistakes that Spicer made while White House Press Secretary was saying that President Trump’s inauguration had a record setting crowd. Spicer went back and forth with the press regarding the matter, but now says that he regrets the confrontation with media members. About the situation, Spicer said “I think it might’ve been better to be a lot more specific with what we were talking about in terms of the universe, not focus so much on photographic evidence, et cetera.”

Spicer added that “I could’ve probably had more facts at hand and been more articulate in describing…the entirety of what that day was about…There are more social platforms, more online platforms to view things than existed eight years prior.” Spicer admitted that the way he communicated with the media could have been done better, and that many of the more controversial subjects of the Trump presidency would have been smoothed with more dialogue.

However, there’s still one subject that Spicer refuses to talk about, and that’s the investigation of the 2016 election to see if Russian officials interfered with the outcome. “I’m not going to discuss that issue at all,” Spicer said. “There’s an issue of executive privilege. And as long as that’s not invoked, I will do everything to further…this investigation coming to a swift conclusion,” he added.

Spicer was reported to have taken notes on just about every detail of every meeting he’s had, and his meticulous documentation could be a key to the investigation. Some sources are saying that Spicer’s notebooks contain a lot of information that could be used in the investigation, with one anonymous source saying that “People are going to wish they’d been nicer to Sean…he was in a lot of meetings.”

About his future, Spicer said “I feel very good with my image. I’m very happy with myself. I am able to go out and explain a lot of things now. But I’m not on a tour, I’m out having some fun.” That fun could include being the key witness in an investigation that determines the future of the White House, but Spicer isn’t stressing too much about the situation according to some, while others say he’s “unraveling.”