In the capital region of New York, the Bloods gang is a very notorious one. There are chapters of the gang across the United States, with many of the members being involved in drug trafficking. The leader of the local chapter is 39 year old Darrell Chapman, who has gone under other aliases such as Bishop and Sly Foxx.

Chapman’s East Bishop Family had smuggled drugs from Albany to Rochester, Pennsylvania, he admitted. While being charged with a federal crime, Chapman pleaded guilty to the charges in Syracuse. Because of this, Chapman now faces just shy of 22 years in a federal prison.

Chapman was originally arrested in late 2017 when he was pulled over in Coeymans. Police found that his vehicle had 250 grams of heroin, nearly 1,500 grams of cocaine and several guns. It’s not the first time that Chapman had been caught, either. He had previously been charged with first degree robbery, and was considered to be one of the area’s biggest traffickers.