Local Man Has Golf Clubs Returned After Viral Video

Anyone that has played golf can tell you how expensive it can be. Not only are there fees for playing that can be high, but the clubs themselves cost some people a small fortune. The average casual player spends hundreds of dollars on their clubs, while avid golfers can reach into the thousands.

That’s why when Justin Pangburn had his clubs taken, he was pretty devastated. Pangburn works at the Pheasants Holly Golf Course, and had been at the driving range when it was about to start raining. When Pangburn returned to the driving range, the clubs were gone.

Pangburn took to the internet to see if anyone was able to find his clubs. What he found was a surveillance video of the course showing a man taking the clubs from the range. Pangburn, while on the internet, asked for his clubs to be returned to the course.

Soon enough, the golf clubs showed up at the clubhouse of the course that he works at with a note attached. “I saw these when it was about to rain with no one around and I didn’t want to see them get wet,” the note said. “Hope you find the owner. Happy golfing.”

It seemed that the event that was thought to be a theft ended up being a misunderstanding. “I’m relieved they were taken back to the club,” Pangburn said. “Someone decided to do the right thing and bring them back.”