For more than 10 years, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had been in a relationship with Sandra Lee. You might recognize Lee from her time on the Food Network, being involved with several shows. In Albany recently, the two announced that they had split, however. For many, it came as a surprise.

Cuomo and Lee began their relationship back in 2005, though they ultimately decided not to get married. “Over the recent past, we have realized that our lives have gone in different directions,” a statement between the two said. “And our romantic relationship has turned into a deep friendship. We will always be family and are fully supportive of each other and dedicated to the girls. Our personal lives remains personal and there will be no further comment.”

While Cuomo had resided in Albany to serve as governor, Lee spent much of her time living in New York City. Cuomo and Lee had no children together. The three children that Cuomo does have are from his marriage to Kerry Kennedy from 1990 to 2005. Kennedy, of course, is the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, the late politician from the famous family.