Greek Life at UAlbany Might Come to an End

Greek life (fraternities and sororities) might become a thing of the past at colleges, with the University of Albany being at the forefront. A commission with the university has discussed the future of Greek life on campus, saying that there’s no guarantee that frat and sorority houses will be part of the college’s plan in the coming years. The officials with the committee say that Greek life is a “national conversation.”

The committee was created after a hazing incident happened at the University of Buffalo that resulted in the death of a student. “Given the broader national conversation on this issue and the recent tragic death of a University of Buffalo student, I feel compelled to take stronger action,” Michael Christakis of UAlbany said.

“While many of our Greek-letter social organizations contribute positively to campus life, we also continue to receive numerous reports regarding destructive behaviors by fraternity and sorority members that sadly overshadow the good works of their fellow students,” he added.

Of the more than three dozen Greek houses at the university, only two thirds have remained in good standing with UAlbany. Many have been investigated for hazing and other crimes, and those might be enough to shut down Greek life altogether. If this problem continues, it wouldn’t just be UAlbany looking into ending fraternities and sororities, as other colleges have already started the conversation.