A new center for the homeless opened up in Albany after repurposing a building. The former school called St. Casimir’s on Sheridan Avenue underwent around $10 million in renovations to make the change. “This is more embedded in a neighborhood,” said Carrie Hoffman. “There’s going to be more access for people and just an opportunity for more organizations to even come in and help the population, help, really the whole neighborhood.”

Michael Hein is the commissioner of the Office of Temporary Disability Assistance, and he added that “Not just to the community, but to the individuals whose lives are going to be altered because of the work of the people here.” The new facility will have many services available for Albany’s homeless, including apartments.

“They were actually in a fair condition and structurally they were really sound and we decided that it was a really good thing to keep these buildings because they’re part of Albany history,” said Jack Alvarez, the main architect on the project. “This was the first Polish parish of Albany.” Erin Coufal added that “Five individuals who have been chronically homeless with a disability will be able to call this home.”