Local Man Received Ticket For Hilariously Fake Inspection Sticker

Having to register your car each year can be quite a pain. Some people just straight up forget that their registration is due, while others don’t want to pay the high costs of renewing registration or safety inspection. One local man, Manuel Muniz, didn’t want to go through the inspection process so decided to take matters into his own hands.

The New York State safety emission inspection certificate is one that we’re all familiar with, and could probably be replicated quite easily. If you’re going to break the law and do that, though, you might want to be a little more detailed than Muniz was. Muniz took a piece of construction paper and a pen, hoping to fool police with his version of the inspection certificate.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office spotted the handmade certificate and found it to be so funny that they shared it on social media. “So, we appreciate people who take some initiative, however this will not work as your vehicle inspection sticker,” they said. “Nice try.”

The charges aren’t too bad for Muniz, as he was facing a ticket for having an unregistered vehicle. While Muniz might have gotten away with driving an unregistered vehicle for a while, it was only a matter of time before he got busted. It turns out that the police do have an eye for detail and actually check for inspection stickers, but this one just stuck out in a hilarious way.