The city of Albany has long been hindered by the lack of people that are eligible to become members of the 911 dispatch team. To join the team, one must be a resident of the city. There have been multiple calls on the rules to change, and the mayor of the city is finally responding to the issue.

Kathy Sheehan says that it is indeed something that needs to change. “I could not agree more,” she says, siding with the people who say there’s a major lack of people. “Our residents need to know dispatchers are on duty. Our dispatchers need time off and shouldn’t be overworked.”

Sheehan added that “You can hire what’s called provisionally,” regarding the staff. “So you can hire qualified candidates letting them know they are going to have to take a test for the position in order to stay in that position but they can go ahead and start until the next test is given…There was some people within (Albany Police Department) who believe we only had applications for people who lived outside the city and that simply wasn’t the case as I (saw) 177 qualified city residents who applied for the job.”