Back in 2012, United States officials uncovered a massive ring of false asylum cases in New York, with nearly 4,000 immigrants living in the country illegally. The immigrants all come from China, and how they got into the United States is a very interesting story.

 Instead of going through the regular process of immigration or even sneaking into the country, the immigrants have all put together asylum cases. To do this, they have hired lawyers and translators to help them create false backstories that included being forced to have abortions, which went against their Christian beliefs. Playing to the heartstrings of religious freedom, many American officials granted these asylum cases, but it turned out that their stories were fabricated.

 The FBI investigated the asylum cases, finding out that they were bogus. Many of the attorneys that helped the immigrants receive asylum were arrested and charged with fraud, but the immigrants have remained basically untouched since the investigation. Not only do the immigrants still have their asylum granted by the US government, but the cases haven’t even been revisited by the Department of Justice.

 Members of the House of Representatives have looked at the investigation years after the fact and want action, claiming that the current cabinet doesn’t have as big of an immigration stance as previously claimed. Bob Goodlatte is a Republican from Virginia who serves on the House Judiciary Committee. He said that “Despite this clear knowledge of massive asylum fraud, DOJ’s refusal to reopen any of those cases demonstrates its effective endorsement of a tainted system that undermined the integrity of the asylum process.”

 Now that the immigrants have established new lives in the United States, why would they be forced to return? The law states that asylum is only for those with the ability to prove a reasonable fear of being sent back to their home country. In the case of these nearly 4,000 Chinese immigrants, that is not the case, so they are therefore breaking the law.

 Fraudulent asylum cases have been on the rise in recent years, with many immigrants coming from Central America claiming that violence is keeping them from returning home. Both the Homeland Security Department and the Department of Justice are involved in the asylum process, and have paper applications in place that are making fraudulent cases harder to spot.

 Goodlatte’s criticism of the current asylum system continued, as he said that a review into the cases have shown that nearly three quarters of them have been fraudulent and that the departments in charge of these cases don’t have the right system in place to detect fraud before it’s too late.

 With thousands of immigrants coming over to the United States each week, these departments certainly have their hands full. Especially when you consider that some of the asylum seekers are receiving acting coaching so that they can receive sympathy during interviews. For now, fingers are being pointed at each other, but a new system has still not been put into place to make fraud busting more efficient.

 Less than 25 percent of asylum cases from China have been rejected, and the New York City bust that allowed nearly 4,000 illegal immigrants should have led to more investigations. Instead, there have only been a total of 10 investigations into illegal Chinese immigrants over the past two years, leading to a lot of concern over the immigration protocol in the United States.