Bordering Ontario, Canada and New York, Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful places in North America and perhaps the entire world. More than 30 million people visit the falls each year as they take in the natural beauty and stay in some of the great hotels in the area. In the event that the sights alone aren’t enough for you, there is a new attraction that will lure in the thrillseekers.

If you’re a fan of ziplines, then you will love the new one that is at Niagara Falls, as you can shoot through the mist at speeds of more than 40 miles per hour. Ziplines have become increasingly popular over the years with attractions already in place in cities like Las Vegas. Not everyone is a fan of the zipline trend, though, as they argue that ziplines disrupt the natural feel of places like Niagara Falls.

Tom Benson is the co-founder of the company that came up with the zipline, and he countered by saying that “We can’t make these into museums. How do you take a teenager and get them away from a game console to something that is going to capture their imagination.” With many nature attractions adding these ziplines, there are now more than 200 similar attractions across the United States as they aim to bring in younger visitors.

The Niagara Falls zipline has some fans, with frequent zipliner Quillan Brady saying that “You feel this air rushing past you, it’s this great almost roller coaster-esque feeling.” James Bannister of Niagara Falls disagrees wholeheartedly, saying that “Every once in a while, somebody comes along and says, ‘Boy, you could build another great attraction here!’ As if the falls itself wasn’t enough of an attraction.” He even called the the new zipline a “circus midway-style attraction.”

So what are the specs of this new Niagara Falls attraction known as the MistRider that has people talking? The zipline itself is on the Canadian side of the falls, and contains four different lines that can be operated at once with a length of 2,200 feet. They are also eco-friendly, and will not disrupt the wildlife at all, they made very sure of that.

Still, the MistRider will have its critics as long as it’s in place, but many people already seem to be flocking to Niagara Falls just to give it a shot. After all, the old saying says “Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.”