Nurses can spend long hours at hospitals, and sometimes the level of staffing isn’t enough. Albany nurses who are part of the New York State Nurses Association is now saying that they aren’t just being overworked, but are unsafe because of the understaffing at the Albany Medical Center. They became a union recently, and they’re voicing their displeasure with the staffing situation.

“We have over 200 vacant positions in the facility,” said nurse Lenore Granich. “We had two new units open up, that there was no staffing earmarked for, so they’ve been pulling nurses from other unites to staff those two units.” One person that didn’t agree with their complaints was Jeffrey Gordon, a spokesman for the Albany Medical Center.

“We staff based on the quality of care that is needed by the patient, and the safety of our patients, and the safety of our employees,” he said. Granich replied, saying that “We’re here because we love this, but we’re also leaving the bedside in droves because most of the nurses are the main breadwinners in their household…I don’t know what the right answer is. I just feel that Albany Med should listen to us.”