Fall is that time of the year where many in upstate New York take to the apple orchards. It’s there that you can pick a fresh apple right off of a tree, and most of the orchards had never charged money before. For Albany area orchards, however, you might be surprised when you have to pay a fee to get in.

It’s not because the orchard operators want to charge money, necessarily. It’s because there has been a lot of thefts, with people not paying for the apples that they picked. Now, operations such as Samascott Orchards are charging a small fee of $5 to enter. The family that runs the orchard says that theft occurs on their property on a daily basis.

Those that spend money at the orchard, the family says, will be reimbursed their entry fee. The theft has become a large problem for the Samascott family, and they say they’ve caught people hiding stolen apples in places such as wheel wells. It’s an inconvenience for customers and the family alike, and they said that they’re searching vehicles before they leave.