Albany Residents Upset Over Political Yard Sign

Having a sign in your yard that expresses your political beliefs isn’t anything new. People have been supporting candidates for every level of office on their cars and in their yards for years, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. After all, the first amendment of the Constitution defends peoples’ rights to post their political opinions on their property.

However, one Albany man has caught the ire of several residents with his sign. The sign that was posted said “Seal our borders. Defund Mexico…Illegals R’ criminals,” with the other sign urging citizens to report possible illegal immigrants with the phone number to ICE, saying that it’s “our neighborhood.” Residents near the sign have taken this as a message of hate.

Bridget Ball Shaw was one of the residents upset over the sign, and called county sheriff Craig Apple. Apple was also upset, as he’s been very vocal about supporting immigration throughout his career. “I understand people have varying opinions on immigration,” Apple said. “That’s irrelevant. That doesn’t mean that you treat people with hate and make fun of them and try and scare them off.”

Apple has been working with communities to introduce yard signs that read “No matter where you are from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor,” in multiple languages to promote diverse communities. “Let’s attack hate with love, and that was the plan,” Shaw said. The new signs that combat ones like original are already gaining popularity, and figure to be much more common in the future.