Local Man Works to Get Recognition For Soldiers

Many brave men and women have sacrificed their lives for the United States, though not all of them get the recognition for their bravery that they deserved. For John Mullen of Troy, he wants to make sure that’s no longer the case. Mullen has been helping to find soldiers that have served and wants them to finally be recognized for their sacrifice.

Mullen served in the military himself, having been sent to Vietnam. These days, he spends his time tracking down medals and other memorabilia for his fellow veterans. This includes Purple Hearts and Silver Stars, and it’s something that Mullen has been active with for two decades now. Mullen also encourages the veterans to find their uniforms, as “a lot of times the uniform tells the story more than the family even knows,” he said.

One person that Mullen has been able to find is Dolly Rogers, the daughter of a World War II veteran named Joseph Edwards, who served in the Army. “He was just a soldier’s soldier,” Mullen said of Edwards. He’s one of more than 100 veterans that Mullen has been able to track down.

Working from his home, Mullen is hopeful that he’ll have many more veterans and their families reunited with the medals and uniforms they earned from their service. He’s already impacted a lot of people throughout Rensselaer County, and hopes that more follow suit. If you’re trying to get through the process of retrieving earned valor, Mullen is just the man to call.