Chicago has proven to be one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, and it seems that gun violence has been on the rise. Although the homicide rate has been up and down so far this decade, this year seems to be on pace for one of the worst in Chicago history. According to estimates, one person is shot ever 127 minutes in Chicago, and a person is murdered every 12 hours and 43 minutes in the city.

It seems that every weekend presents a danger for residents of Chicago as many people track the weekend shooting rates to see if an improvement has been made. Sadly, this past weekend was not one where the peace increased. In a 14 hour span, several people were shot in Chicago, with two people having their lives taken.

The first was Africa Bass, a 23 year old mother that was walking on South Burley Avenue just after midnight. It was then that a black SUV approached Bass and several shots rang out from the vehicle. Bass was shot once in the back and taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, but it was too late. Several witnesses were nearby, but police weren’t able to place anybody into custody after their initial investigation.

Bass’s children were just five and two years old, and she had just moved to the area on the South side after moving from the West. The problems continued back on the West side, though, as 18 year old Keyon Boyd was shot on Lavergne Avenue. Boyd was with two other teenagers at around 11 in the morning when two people came out of an alley and started shooting.

Boyd was pronounced dead while the two teenagers that were with him were in serious condition at separate hospitals. Several other shootings occurred in Chicago within the short timeframe, continuing the barrage of violence that has plagued The Windy City and has increased the tension that citizens have.

A 20 year old woman who was sitting in a vehicle at 2 in the morning in the South side was shot, but thankfully was taken to the hospital in good condition and expects to make a quick and full recovery. Just a few hours before that, a man that was sitting on his front porch on South Racine Avenue was approached by someone from the sidewalk that opened fire. The man was listed in stable condition after the only shot that connected was to his right foot.

Other shootings that occurred earlier in the night included a woman shot in the back who was standing in an alley with two others (she was listed in stable condition). Another man, 50 years old, heard random gunshots on South Wolcott Avenue and called police when he realized that he had been shot, and he is also in stable condition.

Another citizen was shot in the abdomen while two more suffered gunshot wounds to their legs in seemingly random shootings across the city. One of the victims was a 51 year old woman that was struck after a shot was intended for someone else. Homicide rates in Chicago reached an all-time high back in 1974 with 970 reports, though it seems that this year is on pace to be the deadliest since that time.

Short time spans with a lot of gun violence have prompted Chicago citizens to partake in anti-violence rallies. Sadly, it hasn’t seemed to have much of an effect, as there has even been violence at these rallies. One teenager, Zarriel Trotter, was leading one of these rallies. Not too long afterward, he was shot in the back by a stray bullet that came from an argument that was blocks away from where he was.