Climate change is one of the biggest topics that’s being discussed around the world today, especially amongst the world’s youth. Many climate strikes have taken place in cities across the globe, and that includes here in Albany. Students left class early in hopes of getting governments to enact on climate change policies, holding up signs for their cause.

“I think that there aren’t being enough steps being taken right now to help out our environment and to make the change that we need,” local student Alanah Cohen-Tigor said. “And I think that there’s just a lot more legislation, more laws that need to be passed in order to regulate some of the harmful industries going on right now.”

“We are striking because it’s a social order (that) is obstructed by our refusal to attend school then our system is forced to face the climate crisis and enact change,” said another student. “Throughout history, the youth have been on the frontlines of every movement, fighting for justice, change, and we’ll do it again for its determining factor, this issue of our generation.”

The students are hoping that the United States is running on 100 percent renewable energy by the next decade. It’s no easy task and can be quite expensive, but they say that it will keep generations of people alive. “If I’m gonna live ‘til I’m 80, I feel that this is gonna be more important than like missing one chemistry block,” said another student. “So I think that it’s very important for me to be here and show that I care and I care about my future, and I think other people should start caring too.”