The city of Albany was shaken in November 2018 when a half dozen teenagers took the life of an innocent man. Alex Mixon had been working with Loco’s Pub and Grill, and the 27 year old thought he was making a routine delivery that night. When he arrived at the destination, he found that the house he was delivering to was vacant.

Six people attacked Mixon, and he was shot in the neck. Mixon was rushed to a nearby hospital, but it was unfortunately too late. The six people that attacked Mixon were arrested, with four of them admitting guilt to their crime. The punishments for those that pled guilty ranged from 15 years to life in prison.

There were two more that didn’t enter a plea, with Iren and Mickee Carter, though they weren’t able to get out of jail as they were denied bond. While their charges for the attack on Mixon haven’t reached sentencing yet, they did receive one sentence, as they were found guilty of forgery. It related to counterfeit money that was connected to the attack.

Assistant District Attorney Hal Malroz said that “All (the defendants) were participants in this murder,” about Mixon’s death, adding that “How do you make a family whole after this time? The family, I am sure, is satisfied (with the sentencing), but you would have to ask them.” Just like their co-defendants, Iren and Mickee Carter are also facing lengthy prison sentences.