People don’t forget the time when they got engaged because it is one of the best moments in someone’s life. A lot of people go through great lengths to prepare for their engagement to make it a special moment. While most people take a few weeks or months to prepare, one Canadian man set his plan into motion five years ago.

Troy Reddington of Ontario is 25 years old, and he planted a time capsule along with his girlfriend, Jennifer Storrar. When they first buried the time capsule, there was no engagement proposal in there, so Storrar was not expecting what was coming. Reddington left his home late one evening to find the time capsule before they were set to open it. It was then that he placed an empty peanut butter jar next to all of their old cellphones and future plans.

Within that jar was a message that said “Will you marry me?” Reddington had planned on making this his proposal for two years, saying that “It kind of struck me that this would really work. I’m not ready (at the time) to get engaged yet, but when I am, this is what I want to do.” Reddington held on to his surprise for those two years and was excited to make the big reveal when they headed to their usual island campsite on Eagle Lake.

Reddington convinced Storrar to record their entire trip on video so that they could record Storrar’s reaction, even if she didn’t know what was coming. In the video, they are making their trek to the island and Reddington was quite nervous, admitting that “I’m packing back and forth in the video.” When the time capsule was opened, Storrar was surprised to see a new jar and thought someone had tampered with it, but it happened to be Reddington.

Of course, Storrar said yes to the creative proposal, with Reddington saying “I’ve never seen her so happy in my life. She was crying and she almost made me cry actually, which never happens.” A lot of people up the bar for engagements, and this was certainly one of those times. Reddington knows about how he set the bar, saying “Most comments that I’ve received from men are ‘Thanks for ruining it for everyone else.’” Reddington was nervous about being able to get the proposal out, but said he managed to say the line without fumbling.

Storrar was stunned by the engagement, saying “I could not believe him. He went on such a trek to do this.” That trek included having to leave at 3 in the morning to head to the island before he headed to work for the morning. Reddington would have done it sooner, but he had to wait until the ice melted. Still, he was modest about his trip as Reddington said “It seems like an extravagant plan, but really, I only drove three hours.”

Even though they have been dating for several years and had a very memorable engagement, Reddington and Storrar aren’t in too big of a rush to tie the knot. They plan on taking a couple of years to get their lives in order, wanting to purchase a home before they get to the wedding portion of their relationship.