1960s Time Capsule Opened At UAlbany

It’s always nice to get a glimpse into the past, and one way to do that is through a time capsule. At the University of Albany, one time capsule was opened from 1964, when the school expanded its campus. To commemorate the event, students at the time put a lot of belongings into the capsule to show how things were back then.

“It is a challenge to live here,” a letter that was in the capsule read. “Competing with cranes, the jack-hammers and the workmen. This place has become a part of us and we are a part of it.” While the construction was certainly an annoyance for students then, it was necessary to make UAlbany into what it is today.

The time capsule also included a sweatshirt and other items straight from 1964. They kept the capsule inside of a small cement block with the year engraved at the Dutch Quad. The letter that was inside was kept within a metal box that people believe was once used for ammunition.

“We have had significant impacts across this country and across the globe,” said Havidan Rodriguez, the school’s president. For many that attended UAlbany, the time capsule brings out a lot of good memories. Former student Brian Fessler said that “We always feel right at home when we come back.”