Albany Woman Chased, Car Vandalized by Motorcyclists

When you get the feeling that someone is following you while you’re driving, it’s one of the scariest situations you can be in. For most, it’s just a fleeting suspicion that turns out to be a coincidence. For Jackie France of Albany and her daughter, it turned out to be a very real and very scary event. Just short of midnight, France’s vehicle was approached from the rear by two motorcyclists.

The two men then revved the engines of their motorcycles. They tend proceeded to try and pass France, cutting off her vehicle in the process. She honked her horn, and the two motorcyclists weren’t pleased. One of the men blocked her car from going forward, staring directly at her for nearly a minute. When the other bike approached, France tried to get away. “Eventually I thought they would just end up passing me and go,” she said. “They didn’t.”

She was able to back out of the area and tried to avoid the bikers. However, they chased her even as she went through stop signs and ran red lights. One of the bikers had punched her car, while the other intentionally knocked off her side view mirror. Then, a stroke of luck happened for France as the police came to the scene.

The bikers fled from police, but that was enough to put France at a bit of ease. “If the cops didn’t show up, they were still coming back to do more. I just don’t know what,” she said. However, France is now traumatized by the noise of a biker. “Anytime that I hear a loud motorcycle noise I instantly look around,” she said. “I instantly look around because it is terrifying.”