Local Woman Reunited With Her Alligator

It’s always tough for a pet owner when a part of their family goes missing. However, we tend to think of cats or dogs when it comes to house pets. Not many people have an alligator for a pet, but Rhonda Leavitt of Columbia County does. And that pet went missing recently.

Leavitt operates Rhonda’s Reptiles, and the alligator that she has has been a big part of her life for quite a while. Leavitt has had the alligator on her property for over a decade now, but he went missing one night. That meant that a six foot long gator was on the prowl, and Leavitt had called in to authorities saying that the alligator had been stolen.

After about a week of searching, the alligator was found. Someone had spotted the alligator walking around on a property near Leavitt’s home. Thankfully, the gator was unharmed and Leavitt started the process of bringing him home.

“When I brought him back, with the help of my neighbor and friends, they helped me carry him in the back,” Leavitt said. “He saw the basement where he lives in winter, he was squirming, wanted to be put down, he slid down the stairs and ran over to his enclosure. He knows its home.” Leavitt is still trying to figure out who would take the alligator, but the good news is that he was brought back home safe.